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What is Boating Negligence?

Boating is a popular pastime in the Wilmington area thanks to the region’s plentiful shorelines, waterways, and tributaries. Just like on roadways, traffic on the water can get congested in the summertime and accidents can occur. When accidents on the water are caused by boating negligence, then the negligent party could find themselves on the [...]

Boating While Impaired (BWI)

With summer in full swing, more and more boaters will soon be flocking to North Carolina’s waterways for days spent fishing, waterskiing, and more. With more than 37,000 miles of waterways in North Carolina, there is plenty to enjoy. But unfortunately, along with all of the additional boaters, and the fact that so many boaters [...]

6 Safe Driving Tips around 18-Wheelers from a Truck Accident Attorney in Wilmington NC

There’s no arguing that driving near an 18-wheeler truck as it is speeding along the highway can be a scary situation. Hampered by blind spots and in many cases, driving while fatigued, big rig truckers drive fast and their trucks rule the road and both of these factors are what make commercial hauling vehicles so [...]