10 Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Posted on: October 22nd, 2014 by Bain & Rodzik

Halloween is one of the most fun of all the calendar’s holidays because this time of year allows children (and adults) to dress up in crazy costumes for a night of exhilarating fun. For children, this means going trick-or-treating house to house in search of confectionery treasures.

While the children will be enjoying a carefree trick-or-treating experience, parents need to be vigilant in ensuring their children remain safe all night long. This involves some degree of planning and action. Here are ten trick-or-treating safety tips from Bain & Rodzik’s drunk driving attorney in Shallotte NC that will help your child enjoy the night’s activities with reduced risk of injury.

#1 – Choose the Right Mask

So many of today’s Halloween masks inhibit the wearer’s line of sight or ability to breathe comfortably and this can really endanger your child. Make sure that their costume is comfortable and that their mask allows them to see and breathe clearly.

#2 – Wear a Weather-Appropriate Costume

It might be a hassle, but you should wait to settle on your child’s costume until you have an idea of what the weather is going to be like on Halloween. Or, have two costumes ready, one for warm weather and one for colder weather. Keep in mind that the temperatures will drop as the night moves on, so carry a coat for your child in the event that they need one.

#3 – Wear Comfortable Shoes

Regardless of your child’s costume, make sure they are wearing comfortable shoes when they go trick-or-treating. Sneakers are recommended over sandals, rollerblades, and other uncomfortable or dangerous footwear.

#4 – Plan Your Route in Advance

This is especially important if your child is old enough to want to trick-or-treat on their own or with friends, but young enough that you worry about them getting lost. Take a walk with them the day before to map out the route. Inform them of any obstacles to avoid or landmarks to identify should they get lost. Tell them which areas they need to avoid and which areas are safe for trick-or-treating (if applicable).

#5 – Go Trick-or-Treating in a Group

Trick-or-treating in a group is not only more fun, but it is safer for all of the kids involved. Get together with the other kids’ parents to go over the best route and ensure that all of the kids in the group know it.

#6 – Have Your Child Carry a Light

A flashlight is a key piece of safety equipment, especially on Halloween. If your child is going out alone, then make sure they have a flashlight on them and that it has fresh batteries in it. The flashlight will help them see and avoid trip hazards in addition to providing them with a little more security.

#7 – Have Your Child Carry a Cell Phone

Make sure your child takes a cell phone with them, but before giving it to them, make sure you pre-program your number on speed dial and show them how to use it. This is an essential safety measure because you want them to get ahold of you immediately should they need you for any reason.

#8 – Avoid Unlit Houses

In most communities, only those houses with lit porches are participating in the night’s candy-giving festivities. If a house is dark or the homeowners have their porch light off, then instruct your child to avoid that house.

#9 – Only Accept Packaged Food

Inform your child to not accept any food that is not pre-packaged and not to indulge in their candy until they return home. Once your child returns home, empty their bag on the kitchen table and inspect all of their candy items. Yes, there are still people in the world who will try and hurt children by putting foreign objects in homemade Halloween treats and/or fruit.

#10 – Follow Street Safety Rules

Just because other children might be running amok on Halloween, don’t let your child do it. Have them follow the safety rules of the street, including crossing only at crosswalks when there is no traffic, staying on the sidewalk and off of the road, and never assuming that a car will see you. Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year, but unfortunately, there are a lot of drunk drivers also out and about on this night as well. Therefore, adhering to street safety rules and practicing the previous nine safety tips are essential for ensuring that your child enjoys the night to the fullest.

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