Personal Injury Attorney in Shallotte NC: Halloween Safety Tips for Your Family

Posted on: October 18th, 2013 by Bain & Rodzik

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays among American children, and who can blame them? Kids get to dress up in scary costumes and go door to door collecting a sack-full of candy goodness! But, all of this fun doesn’t come without a certain level of risk. In this month’s blog post, our personal injury attorney in Shallotte NC shares some valuable tips for keeping your family safe from injury this Halloween.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Adults should plan out the child’s trick or treating course prior to Halloween’s scheduled trick or treating time. In addition, an adult should walk the course during the daytime so they can look for any obstructions, like broken pieces of sidewalk, downed tree limbs and other obstacles that could cause their child to fall.

A child’s trick or treating route should stay within the confines of known neighborhoods. When you venture outside of your community your injury risk increases.

Child Costume Safety

Children should be dressed in comfortable, well-fitting shoes and each child should be equipped with some type of light device, be it a flashlight, a light-up bracelet or necklace, or a glow-stick. This will help increase their visibility as the evening progressively gets darker.

Costumes should be made of a fire-retardant material and they should not drag on the ground. Long capes and dresses can cause a child to stumble and fall, especially if they start running with their friends. If the child is wearing a mask, make sure they can breathe easily and that the mask can come off quickly if necessary. In addition, if the child is carrying a prop, it should be flexible so the child can avoid injury should they accidentally fall on it.

Keeping Your Child Injury-Free on Halloween

Carry a water bottle with you in case your child starts to get hot and sweaty in their costume. Make sure you keep your child hydrated as they can quickly become dehydrated with all of the activity and the weight of the costume.

Ideally, you should feed your child a meal before the trick or treating begins. This will help reduce the chances of your child overindulging on candy the moment you return home. You should also make sure your child goes to the bathroom before you set out so you don’t have to worry about them having to go and entering someone’s house to use their toilet.

Every child should be accompanied by an adult, even tweens. If you have older children who still enjoy trick or treating but they don’t want to be embarrassed by parents following them around, then at least insist that they carry a cell phone with them for emergency use.

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If you or your child suffered an injury due to someone’s negligence while your child was out trick or treating, contact the law firm of Bain & Rodzik today. Our personal injury attorney in Shallotte NC can look over your case and determine if it qualifies for litigation. Halloween is supposed to be a joyful time for children of all ages, but all too often, it is a night that can be marred by injury if one is not careful. Follow the tips provided above and hopefully this Halloween your family will enjoy more treats than tricks.

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