Personal Injury Attorney in Shallotte NC Shares Landscaping Safety Tips for an Injury-Free Summer

Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by Bain & Rodzik

Summer is a time of family vacations, beach excursions, relaxation and outdoor fun. In most cases, all of that fun is enjoyed only after all of the week’s yard work and landscaping tasks have been finished. While landscaping can be hard work and can include the use of dangerous power tools, it is understandable why summertime is one of the most injury prone seasons of the year.┬áHere, our personal injury attorney in Shallotte NC shares a few safety tips for keeping yourself injury-free this summer so you can enjoy the time that’s not spent cleaning up the yard.

Keep Landscaping Tools Maintained and Sharp

One of the most common causes for summer injuries is using poorly maintained yard tools and cutting equipment with dull blades. While one may think that a sharp blade is more dangerous, in truth, a dull blade causes more injuries because you have to work twice as hard when using it. This can lead to repetitive stress injuries. On the other hand, a sharp blade cuts easier and smoother, thereby reducing stress and strain on the body.

Learn How to Use New Landscaping Tools

Did you get a nifty new power landscaping tool this summer? If so, get familiar with the tool before using it. Make sure you read the operating manual that came with it before using it for the first time. Power landscaping tools like lawn mowers, tillers, blowers, weed machines, and others are very powerful and they can easily cause injury to those who do not know how to use them properly.

Troubleshoot and Repair Tools Wisely

Sometimes a landscaping tool can become jammed, tangled, or rendered ineffective. When troubleshooting and repairing equipment, make sure you disconnect any power source or remove the spark plug prior to putting your fingers near any blades or cutting implements.

Dress Appropriately

It might be 90-degrees outside, but wearing swim trunks and sandals when doing landscaping is akin to asking for an injury to occur. When landscaping, your attire should include a shirt, long pants, closed-toed shoes, eye protection, ear protection, and gloves. Take off any jewelry prior to working outside, as well as chains, because they can easily become tangled or caught in motorized equipment.

Contact Bain & Rodzik’s Personal Injury Attorney in Shallotte NC

Professional landscapers usually have good injury protection policies in place, but that doesn’t mean they can’t suffer injuries while on the job. In some cases, a client’s negligence can result in a landscaper being injured despite their following the above safety tips.

If you have recently suffered a landscaping injury while working on a client’s property, contact the law firm of Bain & Rodzik today. Our experienced personal injury attorney in Shallotte NC can help you determine if the client’s negligence was responsible for your injury and if so, fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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