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When Should You Sue After an Auto Accident?

The closer we get to the holidays, the more people there will be on the road. And, if this year’s holiday season is like every other, the number of auto accidents will also rise. For the vast majority of these accidents, litigation will never come into play because insurance companies will handle most of the [...]

Auto Accident Attorney in Wilmington NC: Holiday Travel Safety Tips

With Halloween in the rear view mirror, families across the nation are starting to prepare for the next round of seasonal festivities. For many, this means hopping into the family car and driving to another family member’s home for Thanksgiving. However, the holidays are a particularly dangerous time to be on the roadways. Traffic is [...]

Auto Accident Attorney in Wilmington NC: Common Causes of Auto Accidents in North Carolina

Auto accidents can occur anywhere at any time. In fact, the causes of these accidents can be very diverse. At Bain & Rodzik, our auto accident attorney in Wilmington NC takes on a wide range of accident cases and no two are ever alike. Of course, this doesn’t mean they don’t have their commonalities. All [...]