Wrongful Death Attorney in Wilmington NC: When a Big Business is Responsible for a Wrongful Death

Posted on: August 26th, 2013 by Bain & Rodzik

If there is one certainty in wrongful death cases, it is that a wrongful death can occur anywhere and at any time. While every case of negligent death is sensitive and challenging, it becomes increasingly important to hire an experienced wrongful death attorney in Wilmington NC in cases where it’s caused by a large corporation in order to fight back against the company’s aggressive team of highly-paid lawyers.

How Wrongful Death Applies to Big Business

Large corporations are not immune to being held responsible for wrongful deaths caused by their products or their business practices. Whether the death of your loved one is caused by a defective product, an accident involving a company vehicle, toxic exposure of chemicals, unsafe equipment or some other type of negligence, you can file a wrongful death suit against the company.

What Types of Costs are Recoverable from a Corporation?

A wrongful death claim against a large company is not that different from one filed against an individual, with the exception of the challenges brought on by the actions of the corporate defense attorneys. Should the court rule in your favor, then the recoverable costs usually include:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Wages that the deceased would have received

Why You Need a Wrongful Death Attorney in Wilmington NC

If a large corporation is responsible for the untimely death of your loved one and you try to seek justice on your own, the company’s lawyers will most likely have the company deny any responsibility and refuse to hear your side of the story. But, when a wrongful death suit is filed on your behalf by an experienced wrongful death attorney in Wilmington NC, the company will have to take notice of your claim and defend themselves in a court of law.

In cases where a corporation is without doubt responsible, the company’s lawyers may offer to settle out of court in an attempt to keep their client out of the news. Or, should they attempt to fight the claim, having a seasoned wrongful death lawyer on your side will provide you with the best chance possible of obtaining justice for your loved one.

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If you have recently lost a loved one due to the negligence of a large corporation, don’t try to fight this battle on your own. Contact the law firm of Bain & Rodzik today. Our experienced wrongful death attorney in Wilmington NC can help determine if the company’s negligence was responsible for your loved one’s unfortunate passing and if so, fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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