What To Do After a Denied Disability Claim

When an insurance company denies a disability claim, it can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Not only have you suffered a terrible injury that has affected every part of your life, but now the insurance company is basically suggesting that your injury is not enough to warrant your claim. Such actions by a company that is supposed to be there when you need it is simply unacceptable and in some cases, such a denial can cause the injured to develop other problems, such as severe depression and anxiety.

But, you do have options available to you. Here, our personal injury attorney in Shallotte NC explains what you can do in the event your disability claim is denied by your insurance company.

Step 1 - Review the Reasons for the Denial

Insurance companies deny disability claims for a wide variety of reasons, some of which are valid and some not so much. For instance, a claim can be denied for lack of medical documentation or insufficient test results. But, it's also not uncommon for some insurance companies to deny claims simply because of the applicant's age.

Therefore, it is important to fully review your denial letter so you can learn the exact cause for your denial. In some cases, all you may need is testimony from a co-worker or more thorough documentation from your physician to improve your claim's potential for approval.

Step 2 - Review the Appeals Process

Just because you were denied the first time does not mean that your case is dead. You have the opportunity to appeal the decision. But, there are strict requirements within the appeals process. In some cases, you may be able to appeal immediately, but depending on the case, you may be required to complete and submit additional paperwork. There will also most likely be hard deadlines involved. Should you miss a deadline, your appeal could be nullified.

Step 3 - Consult with an Experienced Attorney

Appealing a disability denial can be a complex process. One of the most effective ways to help improve your chances for an approval is to consult with an experienced disability attorney. Your attorney will be able to help guide you through the appeals process. Your attorney will ensure that you meet all of your deadlines and deal with the insurance company directly so you don't have to. They'll also review your application and help you fill in any gaps that you may have missed the first time around so your claim is complete.

Has Your Disability Claim Been Denied? Call Bain & Rodzik

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