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Bain and Rodzik has more than 50 years combined experience as an injury attorney and workers' compensation attorney in Wilmington, NC. This expertise is directly responsible for the large number of cases we have successfully settled and litigated in this complex area of the law. If you've suffered an injury while on the job, you're owed Workers' Compensation. Unfortunately, not every company wants to comply with the rights every worker should be granted. It's an uphill battle for many injured workers. A dedicated and experienced Workers' Compensation attorney from Bain and Rodzik can help you fight for your rights.

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Our experienced team of 10 paralegals and support personnel are all well trained to assist our attorneys in the prosecution of the claim of an injured person. As each case is different, evaluation of the facts is need and when you call Bain and Rodzik, there are no obligations. As with our other services, no fee is charged unless we achieve success by either winning or settling your personal injury claim with the help of workers compensation attorneys in Wilmington NC.

With Experience Comes Knowledge: Worker Compensation in Wilmington NC

Victims of on-the-job injuries will often compile substantial medical bills while receiving sometimes only a fraction of their usual wages. Meanwhile, the company the victim works for doesn't approve or stalls the Workers' Compensation claim. For many claimants, this additional hardship provides an added level of stress that's unjust, and unfortunately, this type of employer is not unusual.

Bain and Rodzik can help you fight back and get your claim approved. We can also help you determine all of your rights and guide you to the medical professionals you need in order to validate your injury, even if you do not currently have health insurance. In short, Bain and Rodzik is an essential partner in your fight for what you are currently being denied. If you've been denied Workers' Compensation even though you were injured on the job, it's time you contacted Bain and Rodzik.

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Many large corporations have internal legal teams in place for the sole purpose of fighting claims filed by their employees. Most employees aren't educated in employment injury law and they are rarely capable of fighting for their own rights.

Use Bain and Rodzik for your workers' compensation attorney in Wilmington, NC, we fight for the rights of injured-on-the-job workers and we are paid based solely on the results we get for you. It is our ultimate goal to get you the restitution you deserve and to get your Workers' Compensation claim approved.

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